Missouri wheat producers are now expected to haul in the same amount of the crop as last summer. Friday’s Crop Production report reversed the previous two-bushel-per-acre increase the USDA projected for the state in June. Like last year, Missouri is expected to harvest 24-point-five-seven million bushels of wheat, with identical acreage of 390 thousand bushels and yield at 63 bushels per acre. The figure comes in spite of a four-point drop in winter wheat heads per square foot from a year ago, now at 52-and-a-half.

Nationwide, winter wheat production was revised lower by four percent from June’s report. American farmers are expected to harvest one-point-two-two billion bushels, down seven percent from a year ago. Yield was revised slightly lower to exactly 52 bushels per acre. Production of soft red winter wheat, planted in nearly all of Missouri’s wheat fields, is down six percent from June’s report at 280 million bushels. The USDA now projects hard red winter wheat harvest at 710 million bushels, down four percent.