Each week we visit with area legislators to find out what’s happening in Jefferson City. Join us throughout the session on 104.7 KRES, 1230AM KWIX/92.5 FM KWIX, and right here on centralmoinfo.com to find out how your legislator is working for you. Below are the latest interviews with our lawmakers.

2/6/23 Representative Cheri Toalson Reisch

2/4/23 Representative Danny Busick

2/3/23 Representative Tim Taylor

1/30/23 Representative Peggy McGaugh

1/29/23 Representative Adrian Plank

1/29/23 Senator Denny Hoskins

1/29/23 Representative Louis Riggs

1/28/23 Representative Danny Busick

1/28/23 Representative Ed Lewis

1/27/23 Representative Tim Taylor

1/23 Representative Peggy McGaugh

1/23 Representative Cheri Toalson Reisch

1/22/23 Senator Denny Hoskins

1/22/23 Representative Louis Riggs

1/21/23 Representative Ed Lewis

1/20/23 Representative Tim Taylor

1/16/23 Representative Peggy McGaugh

1/15/23 Representative Adrian Plank

1/15/23 Senator Denny Hoskins

1/15/23 Representative Louis Riggs

1/14/23 Representative Ed Lewis

1/14/23 Representative Danny Busick

1/13/23 Representative Tim Taylor

1/9/23 Representative Cheri Toalson Reisch

1/9/23 Representative Peggy McGaugh

1/6/23 Representative Tim Taylor