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Bob Dakin
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Brad Boyer
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Bob Dakin
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Weekday Schedule:
Time Program
Midnight-5am Red Eye Radio Network
5am CBS News
5:06am America in the Morning
6am CBS News
6:07am Weather
6:10am Local News
6:18am Sports
6:25am Job Bank
6:30am MissouriNet News
6:32am Weather
6:35am Across Our Wide Missouri
6:40am Old Farmers Almanac
6:45am MoneyWatch
6:50am Sports
6:55am Local News and Weather
7am CBS World News Roundup
7:11am Morning Report
7:30am MissouriNet News
7:33am Funeral Announcements
7:40am Sports
7:50am Weather
7:55am Community News
8am CBS News
8:04am American Countryside
8:07am Saletime
8:08am Trading Post
8:24am Living the Country Life
8:28am Jill On Money
8:30am MissouriNet News
8:32am KWIXland This Morning
9am CBS News
9:04am By The Way
9:06am Bundle of Joy
9:12am Party Line
9:29am CBS Rewind
9:30am MissouriNet News
9:32-10am Monday-Cookbook Tuesday-The Doctor's Office Wednesday-Greenhouse Thursday-KWIX Comment Program Friday-Magic City Sports Talk
10am CBS News
10:06am Show-Me Today
11am-2pm Markley, Van Camp & Robbins Show
2-4pm Our American Stories
4-5pm When Radio Was
5pm CBS News
5:05pm Weather
5:08pm Local News
5:15pm Job Bank
5:18pm Living the Country Life
5:20pm Central Bank Stock Report and Local News
5:30pm MissouriNet News
5:32pm Weather
5:34pm MoneyWatch
5:35pm Across Our Wide Missouri
5:40pm Local Sports
5:50pm Obituaries
5:55pm MissouriNet News
6-8pm The Dennis Prager Show
8-9pm Charlie Kirk
9-12 midnight America At Night
  Weekend Schedule:
Saturday Sunday
Time Program Time Program
Midnight-5am Red Eye Radio Network Midnight-5am Red Eye Radio Network
5-6am KWIX Watchdog on Wall Street 5-6am Red Eye Radio
6am CBS News 6am CBS News
6:06am Local News and Weather 6:07am Local News and Weather
6:15am Weekly Farm Market Summary 6:10am KWIXLand Outdoors
6:20am Job Bank 6:20am Job Bank
6:30am MissouriNet News 6:30am Big K News and Weather
6:32am Saletime 6:45am Religion in KWIXLand
6:35am Across Our Wide Missouri 7am CBS News
6:40am Spotlight or Community News 7:06am Weather
6:45am scoreboard and weather 7:10am Local Sports
6:50am Critter Care 7:15am Gospel Music
6:55am Local News and Weather 7:30am Local News and Weather
7am CBS News 7:45am Immanuel Baptist Church
7:06am Weather and Local Sports 8am CBS News
7:30am MissouriNet News 8:06am Moberly Independent Holiness Church
7:33am Local News and Weather 8:30am Local News, Saletime, and Sports
7:45am Newsmaker 9am CBS News
7:50am Obituaries and Expanded Weather 9:15-10am Music and The Spoken Word
8am CBS News 10am CBS News
8:04am-11am At Home with Gary Sullivan 10:06am Mustard Seed
8:30am MissouriNet News 10:10am Religious Music
8:58am Old Farmers Almanac 10:30am Local News
9am CBS News 10:35am Religious Music
10am CBS News 10:45am Moberly First Baptist Church
11am CBS News Noon CBS News
11:05am Show-Me Today Weekend 12:05pm Sunday Big K News
Noon CBS News 12:30pm Face the Nation
12:05pm Saturday Big K News 1-1:30pm Bill Gaither Homecoming
12:30-3pm Charlie Kirk Show 1:30-2pm Lutheran Hour
3-5pm Jill on Money 2-3pm Meet the Press
5-6pm Townhall Weekend Journal 3-6pm Mike Gallagher Show
6-9pm The Officer Tatum Show 6:06-7pm CBS Weekend Roundup
9-12 midnight Dave Ramsey Show 7-9pm At Home with Gary Sullivan
9-12 midnight The Weekend