North Shelby FFA Achieves CDE Treble

North Shelby FFA members will send three Career Development Event teams to nationals.  Regional Radio’s Kyle Hill has more from the 94th Missouri FFA Convention in Columbia.

North Shelby also learned Friday evening that their Ag Mechanics team won first place and will make the trip to the national convention this October in Indianapolis.  The four team members—Dylan McEwen, Luke Schwanke, Kyle Smith, and Rob Uhlmeyer—placed in the top five individually, with Uhlmeyer in first.  The chapter also won the Conduct of Meetings and Parliamentary Procedure Leadership Development Events.


Career Development Events – team and individual results

Ag Communications
1st: Columbia
2nd: Richmond

Ag Mechanics
1st: North Shelby (Rob Uhlmeyer 1st, Luke Schwanke 2nd, Kyle Smith 4th, Dylan McEwen 5th)
2nd: Hermann (Dylan Koenigsfield T-7th)
3rd: Columbia (Jackson Keene 6th, Hunter Snow 9th)

1st: North Shelby (Austin Wilson 2nd, Aden Johnston 3rd, Andi Belt 4th, Aliza Yoder 6th)
2nd: Hollister (Maddie Harnstrom 5th)
3rd: Brunswick (Christin Kussmann 8th, Hannah Rice 9th)
Top Individual: Andy Cornell, Southwest (Washburn)

Ag Sales
1st: Troy (Haley Hunsel 3rd, Ashland Higgins 4th, Ben Byrd 5th)
2nd: Audrain County (Community) R-VI (Tucker Robnett 6th, Pacey Cope 9th)
3rd: California (Trishel Porter 1st)

Dairy Cattle
1st: Butler (Tally Madison 1st, Bailey Cox 2nd, Maddox Fennewald 6th)
2nd: Ava (Kylie Scrivner 3rd, Erin Clouse 4th)
3rd: Logan-Rogersville

Dairy Foods
1st: Halfway (Isaac Ingram 3rd, Rea Spear 4th)
2nd: Jefferson (Aubrey Mattson T-6th)
3rd: Fair Play (Kaden Lewis 1st, Bailey Clark T-10th)

1st: Elsberry (Taylor Watts 1st, Jacob Heitman 2nd)
2nd: Bolivar (Kaleb Krtek T-3rd)
3rd: Miller (Mya Lowery T-3rd)

Environmental Science & Natural Resources
1st: Ava
2nd: Columbia
3rd: Buffalo

Farm Management
1st: Palmyra (AJ Mahsman 2nd, Ji Ni T-3rd, Evan Nierman 5th, Tim Wellman 7th)
2nd: Slater (Eric Borgman 1st)
3rd: Ava (Kyle Horning T-3rd, Heston Alexander 8th)

1st: North Callaway (Tyler Huddleston 6th, Lauren Riecke 9th)
2nd: Palmyra (Emmalee Drebes, T-3rd, Bernadet Mahsman 5th)
3rd: Owensville (Aurora Maher T-3rd, Kylie Kitchen 10th)
Top Individual: Quincy Hodges, Skyline

Food Science
1st: Monroe City (Rose Quinn 1st)
2nd: Buffalo (Alyssa Love 10th)
3rd: Montgomery County (El Reagan T-7th)

1st: Forsyth (Kenzie Calhoun 2nd, Kevin Carter T-4th, Madi Cookie 7th)
2nd: Marshfield (Jackson Dill 3rd, Haley Barker T-4th)
3rd: Springfield Hillcrest
Top Individual: Tivon Straub, Columbia

1st: Clinton (Lauren Bailey 2nd, Hope Greufe 3rd, Hallie Chiles 7th, Hannah Miller 8th)
2nd: Silex (Sophie Burkemper 3rd)
3rd: Columbia (Sophie Willingham 6th)
Top Individual: Remy Evans, Holden

1st: Fair Grove (Lucas Crutcher 4th, Taylor Rode 8th, Hannah Morris 9th)
2nd: Nevada (Brayden Gast 1st)
3rd: Bowling Green (Callie Bailey 2nd, Lexi Koelling 3rd)

1st: Bowling Green (Emma Craig 4th, Bailey Graves 5th)
2nd: Audrain County (Community) R-VI (Clayton Jennings 3rd, Dylan Hoyt 8th)
3rd: Jasper (Brady Brandt 2nd, Gavin Wempler 10th)
Top Individual: Abby Hunsburger, Tipton

Nursery & Landscaping
1st: Van-Far (Ennis Childs 1st)
2nd: Columbia (Gabrielle Clifton 2nd, Payton Frank 5th)
3rd: Silex (Natalie Kientzy 3rd)

1st: Columbia (Jack Malone 1st, Gentry Duncan 2nd. Hayden Duncan 5th. Emily Zimmerschied 10th)
2nd: Cassville (Hallie Fratus 3rd)
3rd: Mount Vernon (Keaton Grider 4th, Thomas McKay 9th)

1st: North Shelby (Whitney Snow 1st, Marissa McEwen 3rd, Riley Stoneburner 8th)
2nd: Halfway (Sloan Gallivan 2nd)
3rd: Troy (Vito Pizzurro 4th)

Veterinary Science
1st: Eldon
2nd: Columbia
3rd: Blue Springs

Leadership Development Events

Ag Issues Forum
1st: Paris
2nd: Centralia
3rd: Troy

Conduct of Meetings
1st: North Shelby
2nd: Eldon
3rd: El Dorado Springs

Creed Speaking
1st: Kaden Phan, Pierce City
2nd: McKenna Claborn, Silex
3rd: Issac Allen, Marceline

Employment Skills
1st: Gavin King, Pierce City
2nd: Daniil Rakov, Miller
3rd: Harleigh Lewis, Brunswick

Extemporaneous Speaking
1st: Hannah Rice, Brunswick
2nd: Kylee Stockton, Mount Vernon
3rd: Lola Hofman, East Buchanan

1st: Clark County (Harrison Parker 2nd, Meghan Walker T-5th)
2nd: El Dorado Springs (Piper Spencer 4th, Justin Barnett & Kiera Strauth T-7th)
3rd: Windsor (Megan Rice T-7th)
Top Individual: McKenna Claborn, Silex

Parliamentary Procedure
1st: North Shelby
2nd: Chillicothe
3rd: Eldon

Public Speaking, Division 1
1st: Christa Perry, Liberal
2nd: Nina Momphard, Troy
3rd: Langston Mitchell, Cassville

Public Speaking, Division 2
1st: Gavin Rhode, East Buchanan
2nd: Kennedy Heil, Norborne
3rd: Taylor Lauffer, Aurora

Public Speaking, Advanced
1st: Owen Neely, Lockwood
2nd: Brooke Wagner, Ashland
3rd: Clayton Roberts, Lockwood