NCBA’s Beymer: Farm Bill in 2024 a “Coin Toss”

Appropriations and a farm bill are two topics that are on the minds of many at this year’s Cattle Industry Convention in Orlando. That includes the staff at NCBA, who get their marching orders from the members and then go to work on issues in Congress.  

Tanner Beymer, NCBA’s Senior Director of Government Relations, says it’s already difficult for members of Congress to work together and it is even tougher to work in a bipartisan fashion as you get closer to the November election. 

Beymer says on a scale of one to ten on whether or not a farm bill gets passed this year, he says it’s a coin toss right now and would give it a five. A lot of that would ride on if they can get an appropriations bill finished.

The Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show concludes Friday.  Next year’s convention will take place in San Antonio.