Missouri Farmers Continue Adding Winter Wheat Acres

Missouri farmers remain enthusiastic about adding wheat to their crop rotations.  USDA’s Winter Wheat Seedings report Friday suggested that 800,000 acres were planted this fall across the state, up 20,000 acres from last year.  Missouri was one of 10 states that reported an increase in acreage, while major wheat growing states indicated declines.  Of note, Kansas is projected to have seven percent fewer wheat acres at 7.5 million, while Colorado is believed to have pared their acreage down 12 percent, and Nebraska and Texas are each forecast to drop eight percent.  Michigan and Utah set record lows for planted areas.  Nationwide, planted area is estimated at 34.4 million acres, down six percent from a year ago but three percent better than in 2022.

Wheat stocks across Missouri were significantly larger at the start of December when compared to the year before.  According to the Quarterly Grain Stocks report also released Friday, just shy of 31.8 million bushels were on hand in the state, 46 percent larger than a year ago.  All but seven million bushels have made their way to the elevator, indicating inventory increases of 13 percent for on-farm and 60 percent for off-farm stocks.  9.9 million bushels left the state or were put to use during the fall.

Also in Friday’s Grain Stocks update, Missouri elevators reported having 135,000 fewer bushels of sorghum on hand at the start of December, totaling 776,000 bushels.  Missouri also had 176,000 bushels of oats on hand, up 37,000 from a year ago.  Disappearance during the fall totaled 159,000 bushels.