Luetkemeyer Discusses Impact of Deal on Budget

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer was pleased that the debt ceiling agreement that passed Congress last week included what he says is more than two trillion dollars in budget cuts.

The Congressional Budget Office last week said the deal would reduce deficits by only 1.5 trillion dollars through a combination of reduced spending and savings from reduced interest payments. Luetkemeyer said more needs to be done to reduce the national debt.

The total debt is at 31 trillion. The Tax Policy Center estimates the 2017 tax cuts will add a total of one to two trillion dollars to the deficit by 2025, but Luetkemeyer supports extending those.

The CBO announced last month that extending the 2017 tax cuts further would actually increase the debt by another 3.5 trillion by 2033. Luetkemeyer was our guest Friday on KWIXLand This Morning.