Local Municipal Election Results

Randolph County

Northeast R-4 Proposition K.I.D.S. passed with 78 percent of the district’s voters saying “yes”. In Randolph County contested races, Susanna Freeman and Bobby Riley were elected to the Moberly School Board. Trinity Black and William Scott Winkler were elected to the Westran School Board. Elected to the Moberly City Council were Chuck McKeown and Sarah Barfield Graff. In other races, Robert Gipson was elected Moberly Special Road Commissioner, Bob Riley was elected Randolph Ambulance District for District 3 and Rick Ridgeway was elected to the Eastern Fire Protection District Board.

Macon County

Neal Ross and Brian Gray won the two open seats on the Atlanta School Board. Greg Bruno and Donny Wyatt earned the two Macon County R-1 School Board seats. Jill Duncan and Darrell Russell won the two open seats on the Macon County R-4 School Board. Melanie Miller-Thurnau beat Amy Preston in the race for Macon County Ambulance District 4 Board Member. Rick McKenzie and Sheree Carr won the open seats on the Atlanta Board of Aldermen. Rick Jennings and Donna Witt were the winners in the Bevier Aldermen race. Steve Olinger won a three-way race for Macon Councilman Ward 1. The La Plata Fire District Question 1 passed with 71 percent of the vote. Proposition Kids was defeated by a vote of 194-84. Macon County Proposition 2 passed by a vote of 1,486-328.

Chariton County

Terry Hulett and Max Schiltz won the two open seats on the Salisbury School Board. The Keytesville School District’s Proposition 3 received 59 percent voter approval. The Tri-Creek Fire Question earned 60 percent voter approval and the Tri-Creek Fire Property Tax Question received 58 percent approval. Jerald Sims and Nyle Bowyer won the two open seats on the Chariton County West District 911 Directors. Steve Sanders defeated Melanie Sparr by a vote of 51-33 for Salisbury Alderman First Ward. The Salisbury Adult Use Marijuana Question and Fire Department Sales Tax Question both passed with over 80 percent approval. Cheryl Jackson and Roy Bennett won the two open seats on the Keytesville Board of Alderman. Brittney DeWitt defeated Jerry Ostermann 18-11 in the Sumner Mayor race.

Howard County

The Howard County Ballot Question received 75 percent approval from voters. The New Franklin School District’s Proposition KIDS passed with 82 percent voter approval. Wes Friebe and Lisa Shurm won the two open seats on the Fayette School Board. Leeanna Shiftlett defeated Tristin Head in the race for Fayette Alderman Southwest Ward with 59 perent of the vote. New Franklin’s Proposition U passed by a vote of 74-37. Glasgow Alderman races, Eric Monnig defeated Mike Carter for North Ward, Jeffrey Parks won over Renna Bean in the Central Ward and Jason Wright beat Aaron Gouge for South Ward.

Audrain County

Mexico School District voters elected Michelle Stephens and Chris Williams to two seats on the school board, and approved Proposition Paws. Chris Miller and Lane Chedwick won seats on the Mexico City Council. Van-Far School District voters elected Ryan Schuckenbrock and Pete Nasir to the school board. Community R-6 elected Amy Brooks and Scott Sims. Dennis Isgrig and Terry Hagedorn won seats on the Little Dixie Fire Protection District Board. Steve Curtis was elected to the Emergency 911 Western District seat. Travis Lybarger and Dwayne Houge won seats on the Laddonia Board of Aldermen.

Monroe County

Madison School District voters rejected the tax levy increase by more than a two-to-one margin, and chose Karen Brammer, Katie Painter, and James Land to the school board. Monroe County, and voters in Madison and Paris overwhelmingly approved a local marijuana sales tax. Monroe City voters elected Robby Ellison to the fill the vacancy on the fire protection district board, and Michael Schneider was elected the Ward 2 Alderman.

Shelby County

Shelby County voters approved a local marijuana sales tax with almost two-thirds of the vote. Willie Hendricks won a three-way race for mayor of Clarence with 46 percent of the vote. Myrna Carothers and Dennis Williams won the two seats on the Clarence Board of Alderman. Ryan Wiley and Brandy Uhlmeyer won the two seats on the North Shelby School Board, while almost 60 percent of the voters rejected Proposition Raiders.

Boone County

Harold Deckerd defeated Stephen Villarreal in the Centralia Ward 1 Aldermen race. The Centralia Use Tax was defeated by a vote of 274-222. Kristen Deckerd and Russell Dutton won the two open seats on the Centralia School Board.


Adair County

In the Novinger School Board race, Gideon Stewart and Justin Klingsmith were the top vote getters to win the two open seats. The Kirksville School Board race saw Angela Caraway and Nick Billington recieve the most votes to win the two open seats. Meanwhile, the Kirksville School District Question passed with 80 percent voter approval. John Gardner won the race for the Kirksville City Council’s open seat with 61 percent of the vote.

Linn County

Linn County voters chose Teresa Doss and Valerie Tate for the Health Department Board. Linn County R-I voters elected Jack Green and Kenneth Tod Sparks to the school board. Adam Stallo and Adrea Switzer were elected to the Marceline School Board, and Sallie Buck and Shelly Milford were elected to the city council. Marceline voters also voted yes on Prop M by an almost three-to-one margin. Sandra Johnson and Aaron Norris were elected to the Meadville Board of Aldermen.

Knox County

The Knox County Ballot Proposition passed with 84 percent of voters in favor. Karisha Devlin and Jason Randall Doss won the two open seats on the Knox County School Board. Teresa Hunolt and Cody Moore won the two open seats on the Baring City Council. Rejena Franke defeated Ryan Nelson in the race for Novelty Mayor. Chris Thyson and Kent Franke were the top vote getters for the two open seats on the Novelty Board of Aldermen. The Novelty Ballot Question passed with 75 percent of the vote.

Schuyler County

In the Schuyler County School District, Proposition Care failed to pass while Wanda Homer and Verl Gordy took the open spots on the school board. The Schuyler County sales tax, Proposition 1 and and Proposition 2 all passed

Scotland County

Joy Alexander and Derek Weber were the top two in the Scotland County School Board election. The Scotland County Special Road and Bridge question passed with 77 percent saying yes. In the contested Memphis race, Michael Lane Campbell won a three-way race for the East Ward seat with 47 percent of the vote.

Sullivan County

Greg Gobrinske won the Green Castle mayor position with 80 percent of the vote. Randy McCollum won the Milan North Ward Alderman seat. Laurie Leslie Madilynn Richards were elected to the Green City Board of Aldermen. James Thomas and Kellen Hatcher won seats on the Green City School Board. Cathy Renner won one of two Newtown City Council seats, with Chris Gibson and Marty Altiser tied at second. The Newtown-Harris School District voters elected Holly Fairley and Katie Ireland to the school board. Milan and Green City approved local marijuana sales taxes. The Green City Ballot Question received 55 percent approval from voters. The Sullivan County ballot question passed with 54 percent. Milan’s question 1 passed by a vote of 60-24.

Cooper County

Phillip Wooldridge and Andrew Cowherd were the top two in the five-way race for the three-year-terms on the Boonville School Board, and more than three in four voters approved the no tax-increase bond issue. Sandra Waibel and Jamie Wallingford were the top two in a three-way race for the Prairie Home School Board. Justin Hein and Ashley Benny won the seats on the Bunceton School Board. Heather Overstreet-Yoder won the race for Boonville Ward 2 Councilman.

Saline County

Saline County voters approved the law enforcement sales tax question with 56 percent of the vote. Byron Jacques and Angela McNabb Staley won seats on the Marshall School Board. Jason Stockman and Bonita Butner won the two seats on the Slater School Board. Marshall City Council winners were Dan Brandt in Ward 3 and Craig Thompson in Ward 4. Caleb Jordan won the Slater Ward 4 seat, and Slater voters apprvoed the capital improvements and transportation sales taxes. Korey Weinrich and Dennis Thomas were elected to the Saline County Rural Fire District Board.

Ralls County

The Ralls County Sales Tax Question passed easily. In the Ralls County R-2 (Mark Twain) District, school board members elected were Jason Liter and Ritchie Palmer. Both questions in the community of Center passed.

Marion County

Amber Gottman and Andrew Lehenbauer won the two open seats on the Palmyra School Board. The Palmyra School District’s Proposition 2 passed with 82 percent of the vote.

Lewis County

The Canton Public Library Question passed with 72 percent voter approval. The R-4 Fire Protection District Question received 62 percent voter approval. Terry Fretwell won a three-way race for Canton Mayor by earning 67 percent of the votes. Teresa McKenzie beat Daniel Turner by a vote of 74-63 for Canton Alderman Ward 1. Jim Crenswhaw edged out Justin McDermott in the race for Canton Alderman Ward 2 57-52. Sam Wilson and Colt Jennings won the two open seats for Labelle Alderman South Ward. The Labelle Ballot Proposition received 59 percent voter approval.

Putnam County

The Putnam County Hospital Capital Improvement Sales Tax passed with 66 percent voting yes. The two seats on the Putnam County School Board were won by Jordan Hendee with 377 votes and Clint Stobbe with 238. Daniel Spring received 224 votes.