Local Agencies Getting State Equipment Grants

The Missouri Department of Public Safety has approved 70 grants totaling $5 million to law enforcement, fire service, and EMS providers across the state for new equipment. Among local agencies, Knox County Ambulance District is getting more than $200 thousand, the city of Macon is getting two grants, one each for fire and police, totaling about $125 thousand , Clark County is getting two grants, for fire and the sheriff’s department, totaling $123 thousand, the City of Boonville is getting $115 thousand, and smaller grants are going to fire departments in Adair County and the cities of Hannibal and Salisbury; and the Marion County, Linn County and Monroe City Ambulance Districts.

A total of 35 fire service agencies statewide have been approved to receive a total of almost $1.4 million. Eighteen emergency medical service providers will get almost $2.9 million. Another $700 thousand will go to 17 law enforcement agencies. Funding comes from Missouri’s American Rescue Plan Act funds, and a 50 percent local match is required. The equipment includes patrol vehicles, mobile data terminals, body cameras, firefighter turnout gear, extrication equipment, ambulances, cardiac monitors, pediatric resuscitation devices, and emergency communications radios.