The Kirksville Police Department is continuing to investigate a burglary and shooting that took place Friday at the Kirksville Garden Apartments. An attempted burglary by three or four subjects resulted in one of the would-be burglars being shot by an apartment resident. In addition, the police have arrested two men and one teenage girl from Kirksville for the incident. The two men, 17-year old Trevor Benda of Kirksville and 17-year old Pierce Zamora of Macon have both been charged with first-degree burglary in Adair County Court. The fourth suspect in the incident was an 18-year old man from Macon who was shot by the resident of the apartment. No charges have been filed against him because he is currently under medical care from the injuries he sustained in the shooting. The apartment resident who shot him also hasn’t been charged in the incident. The Kirksville Police Department is still investigating the incident to determine if any further charges will be necessary.