-looking for an old-fashioned Swedish Meatball recipe

“Swedish Meatball”

Pour 1 c. milk into a mixing bowl. Crumble 1 slice of bread, 1 inch thick, into the milk and let stand until soft. Add 1/2 lb. hamburger steak, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. minced onion, and 1 egg yolk or 1 T. whole egg. Mix thoroughly with hands or by beating with a large spoon. Heat 2 T. of fat in a frying pan. Add 4 onions sliced. Pan fry until tender. Remove the onions from the pan with a skimmer to a pan lined with paper; keep warm. With wet hands, form the meat mixture into balls the size of a walnut. Drop the balls into the onion-flavored fat in the frying pan. Pan fry, turning occasionally, until evenly browned. When well browned, add hot water almost to cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove the balls to a platter. Add 1/4 c. cream to the liquid in the frying pan. Stir in a paste of flour and water allowing 1 1/2 tsp. flour for each c. of liquid. Stir until the mixture boils. Season to taste. Pour the sauce over the ball. Garnish with the onions.

from “The Basic Cookbook” a book dated 1947

“French Bars”

4 eggs, well beaten
1 1/2 c. sour cream
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
1 c. flaked coconut
2 1/4 c. brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp. soda
2 1/4 c. unsifted flour
1 1/2 c. chopped nuts
1 1/2 c. cut up dates

Add sugar to eggs, beat until thick. Stir in sour cream. Blend in dry ingredients. Stir in nuts, dates and coconut. Do not over mix. Spread in lightly greased 15 1/2 by 10 by 1 pan. Bake at 350 about 20 minutes. Cool.
(for the frosting)
1 lb. confectioners sugar
1/4 c. orange juice
1 tsp. grated orange peel
1/4 c. butter
1/2 tsp. salt.
Mix together and spread on the cooled bars.

submitted in the 2nd edition of the KWIX Christmas Candy/Cookie Cookbook
by Norene Worland, Clarence

“Texas Fudge Bars”

4 eggs
1 c. oleo
1/3 c. cocoa
2 c. sugar
1 1/2 c. flour
dash of salt
1 c. nuts
1 jar marshmallow cream

Melt cocoa and oleo. Pour over sugar. Beat well. Add eggs one at a time. Add flour, salt and nuts. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes in a 9 by 13 greased dish. Remove from oven and spread jar of marshmallow cream over the baked mixture.
(for the icing)
1/2 stick oleo
1/3 c. milk
1 box powdered sugar
1/3 c. cocoa
1 tsp. vanilla
Melt together above the ingredients. Spread over top of marshmallow cream. Sprinkle with nuts.

submitted in the 2nd edition of the KWIX Christmas Candy/Cookie Cookbook
by Mrs. L.J. Hutsel, Moberly

-TIP for the marshmallow cream, set the marshmallow cream jar in hot water

“Snowy Fudge”

2 c. sugar
1 1/2 c. peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla
2/3 c. milk
1 c. marshmallow cream

Cook sugar and milk to a soft ball stage. Remove from heat and add other ingredients. Pour in buttered 8 by 8 pan.

submitted in the 4th edition of the KWIX Christmas Candy/Cookie Cookbook
by Anna Twyman, Clifton Hill

“Coconut Bon Bons”

1 stick oleo
1 c. nuts
14 oz. coconut
1 can Eagle brand milk
1 lb. box powdered sugar

Melt oleo and pour over nuts. Let stand while mixing remaining ingredients. Combine. Between the palms of your hands, roll bits of dough into balls. Place on greased platter. Let stand overnight in refrigerator.
Next morning: Melt 12 oz. package chocolate chips and 1 cake paraffin in double boiler. Using a toothpick, dip each ball into hot mixture, completely covering the ball. Quickly remove it and place on buttered platter or wax paper. Cool.

submitted in the 4th edition of the KWIX Christmas Candy/Cookie Cookbook
by Lucille Wray, Clarence