Confirmed Tornado in Scotland County Thursday Morning

Local law enforcement confirmed a tornado located around the intersection of Routes A and U in Gorin just after 10 Thursday morning. Scotland and Clark Counties were both placed under tornado warnings. KRES weather radar coverage followed two storms throughout the morning that caused severe thunderstorm warnings in every area county north of Randolph. They carried 60+ mph wind gusts and caused numerous power outages.

We have seen a picture of a thin funnel reported in the Higbee-Clark area. Both Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies and Emergency Management Director report no damage, other than some tree limbs down. There was no warning issued for Randolph County. The photo was submitted to the National Weather Service by EMD David Gaines. In response, a National Weather Service spokesman said “Where the feature attaches to the base of the cloud looks very suspicious. The discoloration does not meteorologically make sense. Therefore, we are saying this is not a tornado.”