Storm Line Produced Strong Straight Line Wind Gusts And Some Power Outages

KRES weather radar tracked a line of Saturday afternoon storms that produced strong straight line wind. Gusts of 60 to 70 miles per hour were common accompanied by a torrential downpour.

There were numerous reports throughout the area of trees or tree limbs down and there were some power outages from the storms. Ameren Missouri reported a couple outages in the Moberly and Middle Grove areas affecting 209 customers Saturday afternoon. There was an outage in Brookfield and the Brookfield area that impacted 185 customers. Boone Electric Cooperative had 41 outages affecting 1,754 customers at its peak at 2:00. Macon Electric Cooperative had 40 total customers without power after the storm, with 33 of those along the Macon-Randolph County line near Thomas Hill Lake.