Missouri U.S. Senator Roy Blunt paid a visit to Brunswick Tuesday to tour local levees and visit with city officials. Blunt recently helped secure funding for flood control feasibility studies in Chariton County and Jefferson City. In an interview with Regional Radio, Blunt discussed the importance of flood control on the Missouri River.

The funding for the flood control feasibility studies is through the Energy and Water Development Funding Bill for the fiscal year 2022. Other Missouri priorities funded through the bill include over 47-million dollars for the Missouri River Bank Stabilization and Navigation program. Given the vast expanse of the Missouri River, Blunt says he has worked closely with other midwestern senators to make sure all needs are met equally.

Blunt’s visit to Brunswick also drove home the importance of the Missouri and other rivers throughout the area and the state.

Blunt also paid a visit Tuesday to Caldwell County to discuss the planned construction of the Little Otter Creek Reservoir.