Governor Mike Parson announced 16 broadband projects from eight providers will receive more than three million dollars through Missouri’s Emergency Broadband Investment Program. Representative Louis Riggs reacts to Tuesday’s development after his broadband package passed in the final week of the legislative session.

The Emergency Broadband Investment Program is part of the 50 million dollar Rapid Broadband Deployment Initiative through CARES Act funding. The longtime broadband proponent Riggs represents Shelby, Marion, and Monroe Counties. Providers in Hannibal and Palmyra are among the recipients.

Additional recipients include providers in Glasgow, Keytesville, Brookfield, Ashland, Fayette, and Macon County. Riggs’ broadband package protects rural broadband funding that has been designated for use in Missouri and extends the sunset for the state broadband fund to 2027. The package also extends the 5G sunset to 2025, and it enables development districts.