Purdy Farmer Claims Third In National Corn Yield Contest

A Barry County farmer is Missouri’s top finisher in this year’s National Corn Yield Contest.  Regional Radio’s Kyle Hill has the details.

Top Missouri Yields In The 2024 National Corn Yield Contest

Conventional Non-Irrigated
1 Jim Pitzer, Louisiana 293.2805 Dyna-Gro D56TC44
2 Cody Brock, Norborne 292.4407 Pioneer P1170AM
3 Robert N Hall, Eolia 288.1344 Pioneer P14830AML
No-Till Non-Irrigated
1 Clark Driskell, Marshall 305.1917 DEKALB DKC67-44RIB
2 Grant Driskell, Marshall 300.7133 DEKALB DKC67-44RIB
3 Jonathan Borges, Marshall 274.4947 AgriGold A647-42TRCRIB
Strip/Reduced-Till Non-Irrigated
1 Bryor Alan Lindner, Alexandria 304.1420 FS InVISION FS 6595V RIB
2 Chris Lindner, Alexandria 302.1805 Beck’s Hybrids 6374V2P
3 Galt Porter, Mercer 281.8450 Pioneer P1718AML
No-Till Irrigated
1 Brett Jansen, Oran 282.9220 DEKALB DKC69-99RIB
2 Garrett G Jansen, Oran 281.9745 DEKALB DKC69-99RIB
Strip/Reduced-Till Irrigated
1 Kip Cullers, Purdy 313.1482 DEKALB DKC70-45RIB
2 Andrew Hulsholf, Oran 304.0458 AgriGold A647-42TRC
3 Paul Pattridge, Falcon 300.1300 DEKALB DKC67-44RIB
Conventional Irrigated
1 Naaman Cullers, Purdy 363.5226 DEKALB DKC68-35RIB
2 Nathan Alpers, Boonville 314.1016 AgriGold A645-16VT2RIB
3 Tory Meyr, Jackson 296.1863 DEKALB DKC62-89RIB

Source: National Corn Growers Association