Northeast Missouri Enhanced 911 Upgrades Almost Done

A seven county 911 project in northeastern Missouri is nearly done. More than $700,000 from the Missouri 911 Service Board brings Next Generation 911 to Macon, Knox, Marion, Lewis, Ralls, Schuyler and Scotland counties, and funds the service for five years. An Emergency Service Network had to be built out; work was completed to update GIS map data, create a Master Street Address Guide, and create 911 telephone databases, in Schuyler and Scotland counties. Phone equipment was upgraded for Macon and Marion counties, and each telephone carrier in the region had to complete connections to the new network. Caller locations are more accurate, cellular calls are routed based on the caller’s location and not the the cell phone tower, and if a caller has to be transferred to another center, both the voice and data are now transferred. Unanswered calls also will now automatically roll over to another 911 center.