Missouri farmers have now received over 182 million dollars in funding from USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, including 36 million distributed in the past week. Monday’s weekly update showed that 127-point-eight million dollars has been sent to cover livestock, keeping Missouri seventh in the nation in those funds received. 18-thousand-219 farmers in the state claimed losses in that sector since the onset of the pandemic, now 100 fewer than Oklahoma for most livestock claims filed. USDA has also sent 48-and-a-half million dollars to Missouri to cover non-specialty crop losses, keeping Missouri ninth in the nation, and five-point-seven million dollars for dairy losses claimed by over 300 producers. Missouri ranks 11th in the nation overall, with nearly 27-thousand applications filed.

Iowa became the first state to receive a half-billion dollars in CFAP aid, with 251 million to livestock producers and 230-point-eight million sent to non-specialty crop growers. Another 32 million has gone to dairy producers. Nebraska is second with 345 million dollars, followed by Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota. A total of four-point-eight-five billion dollars has been disbursed so far nationwide.