Missouri Could Surpass Six Million Soy Acres

Rising costs of fertilizer and other inputs had farmers and pundits anticipating a swing from corn to soy acreage, but not as sharp as what USDA released Thursday.  The annual Prospective Plantings report suggests that Missouri farmers could plant a record number of soybean acres.  Bob Garino is the state statistician with USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service.

USDA projects 3.5 million acres of corn, a drop of three percent.  Wheat acreage is set to increase to 800,000 acres, while hay acres could increase to 3.3 million.  Garino says another major shift is happening in the Bootheel.

USDA’s Prospective Plantings report is based on farmer surveys gauging planting intentions during the first week of March.  Over 3100 Missouri farmers were asked about their plans by USDA.