Lentz Excited For Return To Mid-Missouri As Mexico’s Next Superintendent

After two years at the helm of Osceola Schools, Doctor Troy Lentz will become the top bulldog at Mexico Schools on July First. Lentz was named last week as the district’s next superintendent, succeeding Melissa Chastain. Lentz says while he was happy in Osceola, he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to return to mid-Missouri.

Lentz recently paid a pair of visits to his new district to introduce himself to staff and community leaders. He says one of his big goals is increasing communication within the district and with the community as a whole.

Prior to Osceola, Lentz was superintendent at Norborne for six years. He previously taught English in Jefferson City and was a principal at Harrisburg, with experience along the way as a softball and wrestling coach.

Lentz will be our guest on the Newsmaker program this Saturday morning at 7:45 on KWIX & KRES.