Lafayette County Farmer Offers Advice On Adopting Cover Crops

The Lafayette County farm of Neal Bredehoeft hosted USDA leadership last year as part of the department’s rollout of its Climate-Smart Partnership projects.  Bredehoeft, who represents Missouri on the United Soybean Board, has long used cover crops to promote soil health on his rowcrop operation.

USB is partnering with the National Corn Growers Association and National Pork Board to launch Farmers for Soil Health, which will provide incentives and technical assistance for farmers seeking to add cover crops to their conservation practices.  Bredehoeft has this advice for fellow growers.

United Soybean Board famer-director Neal Bredehoeft of Lafayette County says Farmers for Soil Health has a goal of increasing the number of acres with cover crops to 30 million by 2030.  Cost-share signups are now open on the Farmers for Soil Health website.