Climate-Smart Agriculture Brings EPA Administrator to Eastern Kansas

The Biden Administration’s push for farmers to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices brought EPA Administrator Michael Regan to a farm south of Kansas City on Thursday morning.  It was the second day of his tour of Kansas, leading a roundtable discussion on sustainable farming practices being adopted by farmers across the state as well as other issues impacting producers.  Regan reflected on the discussion.

One item also brought up was the need for year-round access to fuel blended with 15-percent ethanol.  Regan said EPA remains committed to expanding use of biofuels and other low-carbon fuels.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan also heard from producers about the need to keep atrazine and other pesticides on the shelf to preserve no-till farming, as well as criticism about the new Waters of the U.S. rule that is scheduled to take effect in late March.  Before the roundtable, Regan received a tour and demonstration of the latest technology in use by farmers that more efficiently use fertilizers and other inputs.

Hear the complete roundtable below, courtesy of our sister station 580 WIBW in Topeka, Kansas: