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Central Missouri Sheriff’s Department Using Tires Made With Soyoil

A Cole County, Mo. Sheriff's Department cruiser is outfitted with Goodyear's Eagle Enforcer tires. The Eagle Enforcer tire line is manufactured using soyoil, as part of Goodyear's commitment to phase out petroleum-based oil from all their products by 2040. (Photo courtesy of Misouri Soybeans)

Missouri’s soybean growers could see their product in action the next time a sheriff’s deputy responds to an emergency call.

Tire manufacturer Goodyear has pledged to increase the use of soyoil in the production of their tires, with the goal of phasing out petroleum-based oils by 2040.  Among the product lines already available that’s made with soyoil is their Eagle Enforcer, geared toward emergency vehicles.  Kyle Durham, chairman of the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council…

Durham says expanding the use of soyoil is one of the priorities of the MSMC.

Goodyear has already increased their usage of soyoil in their tires by 25 percent since 2019.

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