CAC All-Conference Basketball Announced

The CAC named Cairo junior Maci Harman and Glasgow senior Joran Fuemmler as its conference MVPs. The rest of the girls first team is New Franklin sophomore Lily Chitwood, Glasgow sophomore Halle Fuemmeler, Cairo junior Avery Brumley and sophomore Olivia Cross, Community seniors Kylie Brooks and Aydan Wilhite, Pilot Grove senior Emma Sleeper and junior Claire Rentel, Slater junior Madison Prysock, Sturgeon senior Brooklyn Dougherty, and Glasgow senior Layne Sanders. For the boys, the rest of the team includes New Franklin seniors Drake Clark, Conner Wilmsmeyer, and Tanner Bishop, Pilot Grove seniors Logan Goehman and Hayden Sleeper, and junior Beau Walker, Slater senior Grayson Zdybel and junior Brandon Terrill, Sturgeon senior Isaac Bolles, Glasgow sophomore Jackson Meyer, Cairo senior Dalton Taylor, and Community senior Mason Carroll.

CAC All-Conference Girls Basketball 2023-24

MVP-Macie Harman, Junior, Cairo

1st Team
Lily Chitwood, Sophomore, New Franklin
Halle Fuemmeler, Sophomore, Glasgow
Avery Brumley, Junior, Cairo
Kylie Brooks, Senior, Community R-VI
Emma Sleeper, Senior, Pilot Grove
Aydan Wilhite, Senior, Sturgeon
Brooklyn Glasgow, Senior, Community R-VI
Claire Rentel, Junior, Pilot Grove
Olivia Cross, Sophomore, Cairo
Madison Prysock, Junior, Slater
Brooklyn Dougherty, Senior, Sturgeon
Layne Sanders, Senior, Glasgow

Honorable Mention
Karsyn Massie, Sophomore, Glasgow
Peyton Beamer, Sophomore, Community R-VI
Skyler Shaw, Sophomore, New Franklin
Kenna Lemmon, Senior, Slater
Avery Martin, Senior, Cairo
Elizabeth Dameron, Freshmen, Madison

CAC All-Conference Boys Basketball 2023-24

MVP-Jordan Fuemmeler, Senior, Glasgow

1st Team
Drake Clark, Senior, New Franklin
Beau Walker, Junior , Pilot Grove
Brandon Terrill, Junior, Slater
Isaac Bolles, Senior, Sturgeon
Jackson Meyer, Sophomore, Glasgow
Conner Wilmsmeyer, Senior, New Franklin
Dalton Taylor, Senior, Cairo
Mason Carroll, Senior, Community R-VI
Tanner Bishop, Senior, New Franklin
Grayson Zdybel, Senior, Slater
Logan Goehman, Senior, Pilot Grove
Hayden Sleeper, Senior, Pilot Grove

Honorable Mention
Justin Thrasher, Senior, Cairo
Connor Lawson, Junior, Sturgeon
Ryan Graves, Senior, Glasgow
Jake Marshall, Senior, New Franklin
Adam Young, Senior, Pilot Grove