AFBF President Touts Significant Role Of County Farm Bureaus

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall stressed the importance of farmers becoming involved at the local level during his visit to Missouri Farm Bureau’s annual meeting this week.  Duvall recognized county farm bureau presidents in attendance during his keynote speech Monday, a point he emphasized when visiting with Regional Radio before taking the stage.

Duvall says discussing issues at the local level, notably when it comes to threats to a farmer’s property rights, makes a difference and can influence national policy.

Duvall notes a recent issue heavily debated at the local level in several states, that of proposed pipelines carrying carbon dioxide from ethanol plants to underground sequestration sites.

Many of the policy discussions at county and state Farm Bureaus will eventually make their way to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting next month in Salt Lake City.  In addition to Missouri’s annual meeting this past week, President Zippy Duvall paid visits to gatherings in Illinois and North Carolina.