Hobbs Is Frustrated With Lack Of Progress On Rte 3 Closure

The Randolph County Commissioners did not receive the progress report they wanted from a recent transportation needs meeting with MoDOT officials. Western District Commissioner John Hobbs is frustrated the Route 3 reconstruction project may be delayed a bit more.

Along with the inconvenience, Hobbs says the Route 3 closure is costing Randolph County business.

Hobbs is pleased that Route BB will get help in the future.

Hobbs says there continues to be a future Route 3 bridge replacement project on the books, which is scheduled to start 60 to 90 days after the new stretch of road is opened. The Randolph County Commission has pushed for the bridge replacement to take place the same time as the Route 3 road construction, but MoDOT says the projects come from different pools of money and are thus on different schedules.