Five Area Class 2 Boys Reach State Wrestling Semis

Five area grapplers reached the Class 2 boys semifinals of the MSHSAA State Wrestling Championships. That includes Moberly’s Austen James.

James was a third place finisher at districts for the champion Moberly Spartans, who brought 11 to the tournament. Seven of them won at least one match and five of them remain alive. Coach Charlie Gibbs was thrilled.

The Spartans sit seventh in the team standings. Gibbs is excited for James.

Another district third placer that reached the semifinals was Boonville’s Xavier Flippin.

Hallsville’s Parker Crane reached the semis for a third straight season. Grant Van Horn of Mexico won his quarterfinal 14-6.

Mexico has another semifinalist in Carlos Juarez-Ramirez. 11 area wrestlers remain in wrestlebacks.

Full Class 2 Boys Day 1 Results


Tyler Dumas (Hallsville)
First Round- LBF 2:29 to Kaleb Artherton (Cassville)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 1:56 to Jace Amschler (Ste. Genevieve)

Carlos Juarez-Ramirez (Mexico)
First Round- W 11-2 over Jaxen Rhoads (Seneca)
Quarterfinals- WBF 4:57 over Georgan Happy (Richmond)

Kaiden Leonard (Moberly)
First Round- LBF 4:37 to Lucas McMenemy (Clinton)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:22 over Kyle Andres (Affton)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:18 over Georgan Happy (Richmond)


Darrin Leonard (Boonville)
First Round- LBF 1:55 to Parker Lutz (St. Michael)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:53 to Jonathan Declue (St. Clair)

Paxton Crane (Hallsville)
First Round- L 6-5 to Will Erickson (Cameron)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- W 10-2 over Samual Jerabek (Pleasant Hill)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 5-4 over Zion Hibbert (Logan-Rogersville)

Jaden Crisp (Kirksville)
First Round- W 12-1 over Daxton McGinnis (Richmond)
Quarterfinals- L 11-9 to Zachary Green (Osage)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 1:25 over Demetrius Crawford (Normandy Collaborative)

Brayden Arnold (Mexico)
First Round- LBF 0:38 to Landon Scarborough (Odessa)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 4:31 to Demetrius Crawford (Normandy Collaborative)


Paxton Martin (Hallsville)
First Round- WBF 1:08 over Grayson Langan (St. Clair)
Quarterfinals- LBF 5:03 to Blaine Wallace (Odessa)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 4-1 to Carter Shipers (Chillicothe)

Tyler James (Moberly)
First Round- WBF 4:50 over Carter Blankenship (Sullivan)
Quarterfinals- L 10-0 to Simon Hartline (Monett)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:22 over Keatin Burleson (Seneca)

Kaid Shaw (Southern Boone)
First Round- WBF 3:50 over Brody Winters (Ste. Genevieve)
Quarterfinals- LBF 3:16 to Easton DeMilia (Blair Oaks)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 4-3 to Mason Grosz (Knob Noser)


Justin Schutter (Kirksville)
First Round- LBF 4:14 to Luke DeVenney (Harrisonville)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 1:18 over Karter Worley (Ste. Genevieve)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 1:37 Shane Pearson (Reeds Spring)

Edmond Roberts (Moberly)
First Round- L 8-0 to Shane Pearson (Reeds Spring)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:54 over Creek Hughes (St. Clair)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 9-4 to Luke DeVenney (Harrisonville)

Blaine Bergthold (Southern Boone)
First Round- LBF 1:41 to Carter Kempker (Blair Oaks)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:50 Micah Danner (Excelsior Springs)


Jayden Davis (Boonville)
First Round- WBF 3:51 over Madix Hutchings (Richmond)
Quarterfinals- L 16-8 to Luke Marlatt (St. James)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 5-4 over Cooper Kirkham (Mid-Buchanan)

Watson Azdell (Mexico)
First Round- LBF 1:02 to Kamden Hooper (Odessa)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:49 to Kaiden Claudle (Blair Oaks)


Xavier Flippin (Boonville)
First Round- W 10-0 over Eli Peregoy (Sullivan)
Quarterfinals- W 7-2 over Trevor Green (St. Michael)

Parker Crane (Hallsville)
First Round- WBF 1:42 over Cole Crocker (Central)
Quarterfinals- WBF 4:18 over Aiden Minor (Pleasant Hill)

Austyn Hunter (Kirksville)
First Round- WBF 1:40 over Gavin Shoemate (St. Clair)
Quarterfinals- L 7-4 to Caiden Davison (Odessa)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 6-2 over Landon Morris (Moberly)

Landon Morris (Moberly)
First Round- LBF 4:29 to Owne Drury (Ste. Genevieve)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 3:51 over Deagen Pasley (Savannah)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 6-2 to Austyn Hunter (Kirksville)


Kyler Carr (Mexico)
First Round- LBF 0:49 to Lucas Barry (St. Michael)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 4:16 over Matthew Clark (Central)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 6-5 to Gabe Studdard (Odessa)

Austen James (Moberly)
First Round- WBF 0:20 over Kaiden Phillips (Savannah)
Quarterfinals- WBF 4:27 over Dominic Ransom (Sullivan)

Grant Leininger (Southern Boone)
First Round- L Forfeit
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L Forfeit


Jacob Plummer (Hallsville)
First Round- WBF 4:36 over Cole Williams-Caldwell (John Burroughs)
Quarterfinals- L 13-5 to Jackson Snider (Logan Rogersville)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 10-5 over Lincoln LaFave (Savannah)

Luke Cahalan (Kirksville)
First Round- L 9-7 to Gage Gross (Ste. Genevieve)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 5-0 to Cade McLallen (Plattsburg)

Nick Kessler (Moberly)
First Round- L 3-1 to Adam Peregoy (Sullivan)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 11-7 to Lincoln LaFave (Savannah)


Tyson White (Boonville)
First Round- W 9-6 over Keaton Reeves (Herculaneum)
Quarterfinals- LBF 3:22 to Gage Jones (Cameron)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:59 to Amos Mundy (Osage)

Grant Van Horn (Mexico)
First Round- WBF 3:48 over Kasen Forkum (Dexter)
Quarterfinals- W 14-6 over Jordan Hill (Oak Grove)


Eli Stock (Boonville)
First Round- LBF 4:55 to Case Melzer (Harrisonville)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:49 over Garrett McDowell (Central)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 7-4 to Brendan Marquess (Marshall)

Isai Hernandez-Jarquin (Mexico)
First Round- LBF 2:27 to Colton Roark (Cassville)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:14 to Kaleb Wells (Owensville)

Gage St. Clair (Moberly)
First Round- W 9-7 over Jonathon Etzel (Eldon)
Quarterfinals- L 5-2 to Colton Brendel (Sullivan)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:23 over Kaleb Wells (Owensville)


Grant Walker (Mexico)
First Round- LBF 1:24 to Landon Kramme (Owensville)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 4-0 to Sawyer Cornell (Seneca)

Carter Smith (Moberly)
First Round- WBF 1:46 over Adam Folks (St. Clair)
Quarterfinals- LBF 3:03 to Lucas Estes (St. Michael)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 4-0 over Sawyer Cornell (Seneca)


Gage Fallaw (Moberly)
First Round- L 6-0 to Trey Payne (Knob Noster)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 7-3 to Gabriel Willett (Ste. Genevieve)


Blaine Begemann (Boonville)
First Round- LBF 0:22 to Cooper Burnsides (Savannah)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 0:32 to Joshua Carpenter (St. James)

Brooks Head (Moberly)
First Round- L 5-3 to Bo Leatherman (Odessa)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 4-2 Zeke Bethel (St. Clair)


Ryder Comegys (Boonville)
First Round- LBF 1:03 to Dakota Rankin (Plattsburg)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 1:32 to Lucas Parris (Logan-Rogersville)

Emille Scanavino (Mexico)
First Round- WBF 5:34 over David Peters (Benton)
Quarterfinals- L 3-2 to DJ Glidewell (Nevada)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 3:27 over Aden Martinez (Potosi)

Rhett Wilborn (Moberly)
First Round- LBF 2:51 to Bo Smith (Chillicothe)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 8-1 to Aden Martinez (Potosi)