Defending Champs Centralia Advance All 9 From First Day of State Wrestling

The defending state champion Centralia Panthers had a good showing in the opening day of the MSHSAA State Wrestling Championships. All nine wrestlers they brought will advance to Day 2. That includes freshman Charlie Robinson.

Robinson is in the semis along with teammates Rex Bryson and Wyatt Adkisson. The Panthers are second in the team standings with 65 points. St. Pius X (Kansas City) holds a commanding lead up top with 102.

The Brookfield Bulldogs are in fourth with 48 points and advance five of six to Day 2. Peyton, Colton and Devan Parn are all into the semis. Xavier Sada is as well. Ryder Techau stayed alive in wrestlebacks with two wins after dropping his first.

Two Macon Tigers advanced to the semifinals in Rhett Pollard and Isaac Kauffman. The senior Kauffman won his quarterfinal 10-8 and attains his first career state medal.

Marceline had a tough day with only three of its nine qualifiers surviving the opening day. Conner Quinn is the lone semifinalist for coach Ryan Collins.

In total, 20 of the 28 Class 1 boys move on to Day 2. Semifinals and third-round wrestlebacks begin Thursday morning at 8.

Full Class 1 Boys Day 1 Results:


Bryson Dubes (Centralia)
First Round- WBF 2:43 over Alias Murray (Stover)
Quarterfinals- LBF to Jordan Bell (St. Piux X KC)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 6-0 over Reece Stufflebean (Marceline)

Reece Stufflebean (Marceline)
First Round- L 4-2 to Tucker Tune (Fatima)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:37 over Keegan Stolarz (Gateway Science)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 6-0 to Bryson Dubes (Centralia)


Xavier Sada (Brookfield)
First Round- WBF 1:31 over Ayyan Hussain (Brentwood)
Quarterfinals- W 13-4 over Brayden Sullard (Lawson)

Waylon Adkisson (Centralia)
First Round- WBF 2:36 over Cameron Nelson (Priory)
Quarterfinals- LBF 1:10 to Jayce Estes (Warsaw)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:54 over Connor Farmer (California)

George Coe (Marceline)
First Round- LBF 0:40 to Caleb Moore (Central New Madrid County)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 17-4 to Canton Wilkins (West Platte)


Rhett Pollard (Macon)
First Round- WBF 0:39 over Dawson Pelletier (South Harrison)
Quarterfinals- WBF 4:29 over Dalshaun Wilbourn (Maplewood-Richmond Heights)


Ryder Techau (Brookfield)
First Round- LBF 1:50 to Patrick Morrow (California)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- W 18-7 over Shaun Smith (STEAM Academy-MSB)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 4:34 over Paxton Quarles (Lathrop)

Charlie Robinson (Centralia)
First Round- WBF 5:23 over Chase Hampton (Windsor)
Quarterfinals- W 8-2 over Huck Simmons (Priory)


Peyton Parn (Brookfield)
First Round- WBF 0:23 over Leon Lungu (Maplewood-Richmond Heights)
Quarterfinals- WBF 1:20 over Dalton Doss (Tipton)

Barrett Stearns (Marceline)
First Round- L 8-5 to Ethan Doss (Lift For Life)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 10-2 to Blake Eads (Sherwood)

Tyler Spicknall (Palmyra)
First Round- W Forfeit
Quarterfinals- L 15-0 to Dillan Chisam (St Pius X KC)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 4:30 to Blake Eads (Sherwood)


Drew Griffin (Marceline)
First Round- WBF 1:22 over Gage DeShon (Lathrop)
Quarterfinals- L 6-5 to Tyler Kleoppel (Fatima)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 11-6 over Zach Griffith (Maysville)


Weston Ward (Centralia)
First Round- WBF 1:28 over Evan Fallert (Valle Catholic)
Quarterfinals- L 8-1 to Gable Gross (St Pius X KC)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 1:00 over Ryder Herzing (Fatima)

Cody Rodgers (Marceline)
First Round- W 17-6 over Lincoln Schaefer (St. Francis Borgia)
Quarterfinals- L 9-6 to Draken Bennett (Maysville)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:38 over Teagan Sharp (Cole Camp)


Colton Parn (Brookfield)
First Round- WBF 1:26 over Kyler Simon (Lathrop)
Quarterfinals- WBF 2:45 over Justice Vickers (Adrian)

Louis Suddarth (Centralia)
First Round- L 14-10 (SV-1) to Carter Harms (Maysville)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 1:31 over Ryan Willard (Priory)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 4-3 over Justice Vickers (Adrian)


Rex Bryson (Centralia)
First Round- WBF 2:19 over Cooper Ray (Maysville)
Quarterfinals- WBF 1:45 over Trent Stout (Holden)

Conner Quinn (Marceline)
First Round- WBF 2:55 over Gabe Harris (Summit Christian)
Quarterfinals- W 6-3 over William Kuehn (Valle Catholic)


Wyatt Adkisson (Centralia)
First Round- WBF 2:50 over Paxton Pyle (Tipton)
Quarterfinals- WBF 1:24 over Jesse James (Lathrop)

Jagger Sportsman (Marceline)
First Round- W 6-1 over Ethan Munford (South Callaway)
Quarterfinals- LBF 2:25 to Peyton Shaver (Festus)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 11-6 to Paxton Pyle (Tipton)

Brayden Pillars (Palmyra)
First Round- W 7-1 over Grant Rodriguez (Cole Camp)
Quarterfinals- LBF to Brendan Barton (Maysville)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 7-6 over Kwynnon Duvall (California)


Isaac Kauffman (Macon)
First Round- WBF 2:59 over Sammie Litherbury (Tarkio)
Quarterfinals- W 10-8 over Dawson Litterall (Festus)

Gunner Evans (Marceline)
First Round- L Medical Forfeit
1st Rd Wrestleback- L Medical Forfeit


Devan Parn (Brookfield)
First Round- W Forfeit
Quarterfinals- WBF 0:36 over Peyton Shaver (Festus)


Ian Tuggle (Centralia)
First Round- WBF 2:54 over Matteo Oliver (Gateway Science)
Quarterfinals- L 6-1 to Crae Coffey (South Harrison)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:14 over Justin Lehn (Festus)

Scout Gooch (Marceline)
First Round- WBF 5:29 over Derron Perkins (St. Mary’s South Side)
Quarterfinals- LBF 0:49 to Rylan Kuhn (St Pius X KC)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 4:22 to Brayden Clement (Diamond)


Jackson Wattenbarger (Brookfield)
First Round- L 9-5 to Bryce Gray (Cardinal Ritter)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 0:15 to William Brown (Adrian)

Cade Smith (Centralia)
First Round- LBF 3:00 to Espn Reed (Valle Catholic)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:33 over Alexis Anguiano (California)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 3-1 over Bryce Gray (Cardinal Ritter)