11 Big K Girls Reach State Wrestling Semis

Of the 14 that attained opening round wins, 11 Big K girls advanced to the semifinals of the MSHSAA State Wrestling Championships. Hallsville’s Candace Calvert was the first of the day. Assistant Coach Michael Robertson continues to be impressed.

Jayden Keller and Riley Howell reached the semis for the returning state runner-up Brookfield Lady Bulldogs. They are fifth in the team standings with 32 points, trailing fourth place Smithville by 1, third place Oak Grove by 1.5 and second place Kearney by 3. Marshfield holds the top spot with 49. Boonville also had two semifinalists in Audrionnah Donahue and Alivia Bottoms. It’s felt like a long time coming for the senior Donahue.

Marceline senior Payton Weese is into the semis for the first time since her freshman season.

Returning state champions Bre Gibbs of Moberly and Callie Bergthold of Southern Boone are back in the semis. Other semifinalists are Centralia’s Jayci Shelton, Mexico’s Alexus Johns and Palmyra’s Elly Lorenson. Four remain alive in wrestlebacks.

Full Class 1 Girls Day 1 Results


Raylee King (Brookfield)
First Round- L 9-0 to Ellie Douglass (Sikeston)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 3:47 to Kylee Whalan (Clinton)

Alyssa Hicks (Marceline)
First Round- LBF 4:00 to Mya Hairston (Festus)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 16-1 to Averi Dawn (Nevada)


Candace Calvert (Hallsville)
First Round- WBF 3:20 over Taryn Hearn (Cameron)
Quarterfinals- W 8-3 over Janessa Avila (St Clair)

Madison Teeter (Marceline)
First Round- LBF 4:47 to Lillian McCleary (Lone Jack)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:55 over Ellysia Wasson (McDonald County)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:55 to Addison Cupp (Festus)


Jayden Keller (Brookfield)
First Round- WBF 1:23 over Kate Van Zee (Westminster)
Quarterfinals- WBF 0:46 over Sydnee Baldwin (Nevada)


Audrionnah Donahue (Boonville)
First Round- WBF 1:52 over Cerissa Holsey (Warrensburg)
Quarterfinals- WBF 5:19 over Addison Eddleman (Odessa)

Katie Bowen (Mexico)
First Round- L 6-4 to Macey Greene (Holden)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- W 5-3 over Ali Gonzalez (Lathrop)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 5-2 to Carlynn Mynatt (Marshfield)

Nova Porter (Southern Boone)
First Round- LBF 3:36 to Carlynn Mynatt (Marshfield)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:40 over Hannah Allen (Central Park Hills)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 8-0 (MD) over Elizabeth Adams (Owensville)


Callie Bergthold (Southern Boone)
First Round- WBF 0:50 over Brooklyn Wennihan (Tarkio)
Quarterfinals- WBF 1:13 over Louzella Graham (Seneca)


Alivia Bottoms (Boonville)
First Round- W 5-3 over Avah Hall (Warrensburg)
Quarterfinals- WBF 4:25 over Zoe Fisher (Pacific)


Kaecen Brown (Brookfield)
First Round- L 11-3 to Noellie Parrott (Smithville)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:50 over Maggie Price (Ste Genevieve)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 4:45 to Jossie Hopkins (St. Clair)


Abigail Bowen (Mexico)
First Round- LBF 5:56 to Molly Stanton (Mid-Buchanan)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- L 6-1 to Lily Ahlvin (Notre Dame Cape Girardeau)

Zafaran Satterfield (Southern Boone)
First Round- LBF 0:48 to Mireya Gonzalez (Lexington)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- W Forfeit
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W TECH FALL (18-3) over Jade Studdard (Sullivan)


Riley Howell (Brookfield)
First Round- WBF 4:48 over Kimarhri Wilkins (Sikeston)
Quarterfinals- WBF 1:52 over Bella Palmer (Odessa)

Payton Weese (Marceline)
First Round- WBF 4:37 over Dani Gullet (Festus)
Quarterfinals- WBF 0:50 over Virginia Myers (Smithville)

Addison Orscheln (Moberly)
First Round- LBF 4:13 to Eddyson Reeves (Herculaneum)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 1:26 to Gracie Rindom (Lathrop)

Josey Uhrig (Southern Boone)
First Round- LBF 5:35 to Dori Richardson (Sullivan)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:12 over Anjell Chiasson (Harrisonville)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:41 to Eddyson Reeves (Herculaneum)


Jada Taylor (Marceline)
First Round- LBF 0:46 to Launa Cantrell (Potosi)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 0:07 to Adalee Pickett (Smithville)

Breanne Gibbs (Moberly)
First Round- WBF 0:42 over Addisyn Gasaway (Central Park Hills)
Quarterfinals- WBF 3:53 over Abby Sader (Knob Noster)


Mya Sackrey (Brookfield)
First Round- WBF 1:10 over Maria Schatzl (Sullivan)
Quarterfinals- LBF 5:00 to Justice Brewer (Cameron)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 1:41 over Ella Heathman (Nevada)

Jayci Shelton (Centralia)
First Round- WBF 1:29 over Rylee Dare (Owensville)
Quarterfinals- WBF 0:58 over Trinity Lesser (Marshfield)

Addy Pasley (Southern Boone)
First Round- W 8-3 over Anna Fischer (Ste Genevieve)
Quarterfinals- LFB 1:10 to Nikeshia Davis (West Plains)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:23 to Lorelei Weaver (Lafayette County)


Lilly Lindsay (Brookfield)
First Round- LBF 2:22 to Isabella Whitlock (Marshfield)
1st Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 3:50 to Karalena Steinhauser (Lexington)

Madisynn Crawford (Kirksville)
First Round- WBF 3:03 over Blaiklee Cagle (Reeds Spring)
Quarterfinals- L 9-1 to Carli Vargas (Kearney)
2nd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 8-6 over Abigail Parker (Gallatin)

Ellyse Lorenson (Palmyra)
First Round- WBF 1:56 over Taylor Kanoy (Harrisonville)
Quarterfinals- WBF 5:13 over Bailee Dare (Owensville)


Alexus Johns (Mexico)
First Round- WBF 1:41 over Alexandra Malena (Pleasant Hill)
Quarterfinals- WBF 1:12 over Chloe Zuber (Lone Jack)