Republican Senators Pursue Federal Override Of California’s Prop 12

California’s top court is allowing another six months before a state law mandating minimum pen sizes for hogs takes effect.  If a number of Republican senators have their way, Proposition 12 won’t ever do so.  Those seven senators led by Roger Marshall of Kansas have introduced the “Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression” or EATS Act.  Marshall explains the intent of the measure.

The EATS Act would ban a state law regulating how an animal for food production is raised in another state if it isn’t already prescribed by federal law.  Marshall acknowledges that if his bill becomes law, Proposition 12 wouldn’t immediately come off the books.

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall sits on the Senate Agriculture Committee.  Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt is among the co-sponsors of the EATS Act.  11 governors including Missouri’s Mike Parson have already sent a letter in support of the proposal.