Regional WLAC Winner On What Led Him To The Auction Ring
Sixto Paiz of Portales, New Mexico (left) receives the grand champion belt buckle from Mike VanMaanen, Livestock Marketing Association Vice President and owner of Eastern Missouri Commission Company in Bowling Green. Paiz won the WLAC qualifier hosted Jan. 4, 2023 by Windsor Livestock Auction. At right is Jake Drenon, co-owner of Windsor Livestock Auction. (Photo by Kyle Hill, Alpha Ag Network)

Sixto Paiz of New Mexico has been on the fast track to the top tier of livestock auctioneers since calling his first sale several years ago. Paiz explains how he ultimately made the career move in 2016.

Paiz says interacting with his sellers, customers, and other auctioneers is what makes his career as an auctioneer most enjoyable.

Sixto Paiz won last week’s World Livestock Auctioneer Championship qualifying event hosted by Windsor Livestock Auction. He’ll be among 31 contestants competing at the semifinals this June in Florida, held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Livestock Marketing Association.