The publisher of the book “Dealing With Gender Dysphoria”, which the Moberly School Board voted to remove from the high school’s library shelves this week, has responded to Regional Radio with a written statement. It reads:

“ReferencePoint Press is a well-respected, educational publisher of nonfiction books for middle and high school level students. Our mission is to inform and to foster critical thinking. Like all our books, “Dealing with Gender Dysphoria” does exactly that. It objectively explores what gender dysphoria is, how it is diagnosed, what it is like to live with gender dysphoria, and how it is treated. The information in the book is based on studies and surveys as well as comments from health professionals and respected medical organizations. It describes the recognized options for treating gender dysphoria as well as the potential complications associated with these options. The book does not encourage or attempt to sway young people who may be questioning their gender identity or experiencing gender dysphoria to take specific actions. It does not promote or advocate for any treatments. As with any title that we publish on a controversial subject, “Dealing with Gender Dysphoria” provides an objective, factual basis for understanding a complex and often confusing topic.”

A spokesman says he is not aware of this book being removed from circulation anywhere else.