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March 2021 Freeman Insurance Players of the Game

3/13/21 Monroe City vs Hartville Class 3 Boys Championship Game: Monroe City senior Logan Buhlig

3/13/21 Higbee vs St. Elizabeth Class 1 Boys Third Place Game: Higbee senior Keetun Redifer

3/12/21 Monroe City vs Summit Christian Academy Class 3 Boys Semifinal: Monroe City junior Kyle Hays

3/12/21 Salisbury vs Campbell Class 2 Boys Championship Game: Salisbury seniors Jackson King and Luke Abeln

3/12/21 Scotland County vs Blue Eye Class 2 Girls Third Place Game: Scotland County senior Kylee Stott

3/12/21 Higbee vs South Iron Class 1 Boys Semifinal: Higbee senior Keetun Redifier

3/11/21 Scotland County vs Wellington-Napoleon Class 2 Girls Semifinal: Scotland County junior Alaynna Whitaker

3/11/21 Salisbury vs North Andrew Class 2 Boys Semifinal: Salisbury senior Jackson King

3/10/21 Boonville vs Macon Class 4 Girls Sectional: Boonville senior Kourtney Kendrick

3/6/21 Leeton at North Shelby Class 1 Girls Quarterfinal: North Shelby senior Lilly Cook

3/6/21 Skyline at Milan Class 3 Girls Quarterfinal: Milan junior Cady Pauley

3/5/21 Salisbury vs Wellsville Class 2 Boys Quarterfinal: Salisbury senior Luke Abeln

3/5/21 O’Fallon Christian at Monroe City Class 3 Boys Quarterfinal: Monroe City junior Jaedyn Robertson

3/5/21 Higbee vs Green City Class 1 Boys Quarterfinal: Higbee freshman Derek Rockett

3/5/21 Hallsville vs Macon Class 4 District Championship Girls Basketball: Macon senior Tierra Wood scored a game-high 12 points to lead Macon past Hallsville in the district championship game.

3/4/21 Hallsville at Macon Class 4 District Semifinal Boys Basketball: Hallsville junior A.J. Austene scored a game-high 27 points to lead Hallsville to a 64-50 victory over Macon.

3/3/21 Eugene at Harrisburg Class 2 Girls Sectional: Harrisburg senior Baylie Combs

3/3/21 North Shelby at Meadville Class 1 Girls Sectional: North Shelby sophomore Ava Williams

3/2/21 Monroe City at Linn Class 3 Boys Sectional: Monroe City junior Kyle Hays

3/2/21 Salisbury at Lincoln Class 2 Boys Sectional: Salisbury senior Jackson King

3/2/21 Green City at Meadville Class 1 Boys Sectional: Green City junior Laydon Fields

3/2 Moberly at Kirksville Class 5 District Semifinal Boys Basketball: Kirksville senior Noah Copeland scored a team-high 17 in Kirksville’s 65-49 victory.

3/1 Moberly at Mexico Class 5 District Semifinal Girls Basketball: Mexico junior Mya Miller scored 23 points to lead Mexico to a 58-33 win over Moberly.

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