Luetkemeyer Discusses Border Bill

The Senate released a bipartisan plan Sunday to reform the nation’s immigration laws and increase border enforcement. However, that bill may not get anywhere in the House. Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer blames the number of incoming migrants on the Biden Administration.

Luetkemeyer says the administration could shut the border by executive order, but the Biden Administration points to a Trump executive order doing the same thing that was overturned by the federal courts.

However, Luetkemeyer rejects the opinion of some, such as former President Trump and North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer, who say there should be no immigration deal of any kind before the election.

The Senate’s 118 billion dollar plan included more than 20 billion dollars for enforcement at the southern border. It also includes more than 60 billion dollars for Ukraine, and more than 14 billion for Israel. The Senate will need 60 votes during a vote Wednesday to move forward with the bill.