911 revenues from a measure Randolph County voters approved last April are not coming in as expected and local officials are looking for answers. Moberly City Manager Brian Crane says they knew it would take some time for the state to set up the fee with the carriers, and have it collected.

A meeting took place Wednesday morning at the courthouse in Huntsville with Moberly and Randolph County represented. Crane says this is causing some budget concerns

Presiding Commissioner John Truesdell echoes those thoughts.

County Clerk Will Ellis outlines what the shortfall looks like.

Ellis says more than a dozen other counties are in a somewhat similar situation.

Truesdell says they have been in contact with the members of the General Assembly that represent this area.

A significant, and much-needed equipment purchase for the 911 center was also made, and has been installed, with the revenues from the voter-approved measure expected to have begun rolling in by now.