Five People Arrested For Car Theft Crimes In Central Missouri

Five people, three from Moberly and two from Higbee, face charges of vehicle theft and related crimes. The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department has been investigating these crimes since December of last year. The department says the following people have been arrested: 39-year-old Andrew Vestal of Moberly on two counts of Class D Felony theft; 36-year-old Robert Dutton, also of Moberly on two counts of theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a controlled substance; 37-year-old Cory Saunders of Moberly is being charged with stealing and trespassing; and from Higbee, 52-year-old Henry Fainter on one count of stealing and 25-year-old Zachery Skaggs for first-degree trespassing. Anyone with additional information should call the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department at 844-277-6555, extension 420.