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E-15 Critics Mount Sticker Campaign Against Proposed Iowa Mandate

E-15 sticker on a pump in North Central Missouri.

A group calling themselves the Fuel Choice Coalition wants to stop Iowa from passing a law mandating the sale of E-15.  KCCI-TV in Des Moines reports that a law proposed by Governor Kim Reynolds would require the 15-percent ethanol blend to be sold at every gas station in Iowa by 2026.  Critics are plastering stickers on pumps at convenience stores and gas stations around Des Moines, suggesting that the proposal would result in higher prices at the pump.  The stickers also have a QR code that directs drivers to send an email to legislators to oppose the bill.  Opponents say the bill would force about 1500 gas stations to make expensive upgrades to their tanks, which would run anywhere from $300 million to $800 million total.  Critics add the cost would have to be passed on to consumers.  However, Iowa farmers and commodity groups are in support of the legislation, saying it will help improve the ag economy that Iowa depends on.


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