AUDRAIN: In Audrain County, the County’s sales tax proposition passed with 64.1 percent of the 2,208 votes saying yes. For Community R6’s school board, Jon Robnett, Stephan Schafer, and Greg Fort were all named over Debbie Carline. Robnett picked up 32.8 percent of the 491 votes, and Schafer and Fort collected 27.9 and 26.7 percent of the votes respectively. Farber’s two propositions each passed with 73 percent of the votes being in favor. Laddonia’s question passed with 73.9 percent of the 65 votes saying yes. Martinsburg’s proposition also voted yes with 64.3 percent out of the 28. Nine of the ten votes said yes to Benton’s city question. In Mexico, the city’s proposition passed with 65.4 percent of the 1,054 voting in favor of the local use tax. In the city council race, Steve Haag and Ayanna Shivers won the seats. Haag led all vote getters with 42.3 percent of the 1,961 votes, and Shivers picking up 41.8 percent. In the Mexico school board race, Todd Yager, Kelli Teel, and Dustin Pascoe were all selected. Yager picked up 33.2 percent of the 3,933 votes, Teel collected 26.6 percent, and Pascoe gathered 20.5 percent. In the Vandiver trustees race, Paul Nixon and Teddy Joe Wieberg defeated Kathleen Gronauer. Nixon picked up 26 (45.6%) of the 57 votes, and Wieberg gathered 21 (36.9%). In Vandalia, the local sales tax proposition passed with 53.8 percent of the 253 votes saying yes. In the special road district question, that passed with 67.7 percent of the 356 voting in favor. In the Ward 3 Alderman race, John Weiser defeated Linda Wilson by containing 57.9 percent of the 140 votes. Van Far’s proposition Indians vote passed with 80.3 percent the 518 votes being in favor of the tax levy. In Van-Far’s school board race, Justin Hopke, Jessica Reading and, Kevin Motley were all elected to the board. Hopke picked up 29.3 percent of the 1,384 votes. Reading gathered 27.2 percent, and Motley tallied 24 percent.

BOONE: In Centralia’s Alderman’s races, Christina Stevens defeated Dale Hughes 74-30 for the Ward 1 seat. In the Ward 2 contest, Donald Rogers picked up 78.5 percent of the 191 who voted to defeat Jerry Hensley. In Centralia’s school board election, Jared Auck, Kelly Hawkins, and Shannon Dawson won the three seats. Auck led the way with 16.6 percent of the 2,654 votes. Hawkins gathered 16.4 percent, and Dawson with 14.7 percent. Charles Lawson fell short by eight votes. In Hallsville’s Ward 1 Alderman race, Stephen McLane defeated Trynton Roberts with 75.6 percent of the 41 votes. Sturgeon’s Proposition K.I.D.S. passed with 238 of the 299 votes being in favor. The city passed Proposition U with 103 of the 171 voting in favor of the local use tax. In Sturgeon’s Alderman races, Ashley Long defeated Danny Joiner and Timothy Kamp for the Ward 1 seat with 79.1 percent of the 91 votes. Kyle Schultz defeated Ron Sage by one vote, 39-38 for the Ward 2 seat.

CHARITON: In voting in Chariton County, the top three vote getters for Northwestern School Board’s three year term were Rachel Johnson, Debra Barnett and Heath Harms. Ryan Potter was chosen to fill the one year term. The Northwestern School issue was also overwhelmingly approved. Tyler Barnett, Derek Schuchmann and Shawn Meyer were the top three vote getters for the Brunswick School Board. Russ Stundebeck, Andrea Binder and Dustin Bachtel, the top three vote getters for Salisbury School Board. Beverly Vasser, and Brian Gebhardt were chosen Eastern District 911 Directors, with Julie McKenzie selected Keytesville mayor. Roy Bennett and Debra Carson elected Keytesville aldermen, Ronald Rogers Mendon mayor. Steve Sanders was chosen Salisbury Ward One Aldermen,

HOWARD: In Howard County contested races, the three candidates elected to the Fayette school board were Shauna Young, Aaron Bentley and Sarah Wies. The three candidates elected to the Glasgow school board were David McKenzie, Kent Sanders and Chad Fuemmeler. Those voted to the New Franklin school board were Jeff Chitwood, Sam Hackman and Jud Evans. In the election for Fayette mayor, the winner was Kevin Oeth. The New Franklin city proposition failed with 55-percent of the voters against the issue. New Franklin ward 1 alderman will be Tyler Eaton. In Franklin ward 1, Tammie Hundley-Wilkerson received the most votes. County clerk Shelly Howell said the results in Glasgow for mayor and central ward alderman won’t be certified until the write-in vote can be sorted out in the morning.

MACON: Macon voters in Ward One chose Caleb Dwiggins over Misty Blue 142 to 59, and in Ward 3 chose Jerold Carr over Hollie Gilliland 26-11. Atlanta voters chose Lisa Bender, Neal Ross, John True for the Board of Aldermen. Susan Walker won the La Plata Alderman Ward One seat 78-59 over Dusty Sawyer. In school board races, Macon voters made Bill Noyes and Carrie Ann Bergfiled their top two with 476 and 393 votes, and Kevin Linear and Eric Brown tied for third with 391. La Plata voters elected Tina Belfield, Amy Crawford, and Kevin Pipes. Atlanta voters chose Aaron Baker, Nathan Young, and Suzanne Forquer.

MONROE: With three seats open for the Madison C-3 School Board Derek Wood took home the most votes with 136. Kevin Thomas was second with 129 votes while Billy Cullom narrowly took third with 76 votes, just ahead of Chase Breid’s 75. Jerry Potterfield won the race for Monroe City Mayor by taking in 56 percent of the votes. Meanwhile, a three-way race for Monroe City Ward 2 Alderman saw Rusty Rothweiler victorious with 58 percent of the votes In the Monroe County Ambulance Sub District 1 Director race Lisa Houston defeated Jeffrey Mattingly by taking 68 percent of the vote. A four-way race for two open seats on the Madison Board of Aldermen saw Ron Stone take first with 35 percent of the votes and Chad Wolfe finish second with 26 percent. In the race for Monroe City Ambulance District 4 Director, Desiree Mudd won a two-way race with 70 percent of the vote. The five-way way race for Holliday Trustee saw Ronnie Bridgeman take first with 30 percent of the vote, David Kirtlink was second with 28 percent, and Robert Kean with 27 percent. In a crowded race for three open seats on the Paris School Board, Jamie Ebbesmeyer received top honors with 29 percent of the votes. Scott Ball was second with 23 percent of the votes, and Jason Chapman was third with 18 percent.

RANDOLPH: Three new members were selected to serve on the Moberly School board. Scott Head, Heather Cleavinger and Brett Soendker were all chosen to serve three year terms, with Dan Wilcox reelected for a one year term. Both Moberly City questions were overwhelmingly approved. In other unofficial results from contested races in Randolph County, Morgan Rockett, Ernie Boggs, Jr and Susan Ware were the top three vote getters for Higbee School Board. Chad Jaecques, Bob Roberts and Molly Jaecques were chosen for the Northeast R-IV School Board. Frank Thieman was selected to the Randolph County Ambulance District Board, and the Moberly Special Road District Proposition was also approved. Carl Wheeler was chosen Higbee Mayor, with David Bartolacci Higbee North Alderman, and Becky Bonuchi South Aldermen. The Higbee ordinance which would have allowed forgoing an election if the number of candidates equaled the number of openings, was defeated. William Scrogin, Jr. will service the Huntsville Council in Ward 2, Tayler Schermerhorn in Ward 3 for the two year term, and Jesse Howell Ward 3 for the one year term. Jennifer Vestal, Bradley Deacon and Steven Scherbring were elected as Cairo Village trustees, and John Meuhe was chosen Renick mayor.

SHELBY: The top three vote getters for the North Shelby School Board were Shawn McEwen, Keith Killen, and Joshlin Yoder. The top two in the race for Clarence Aldermen were Mike Rickerson and Dorothy Lanpher. The top three in the village race in Leonard were Shawn McEwen, Andrew Bichsel, and Jamie McWilliams. In the city of Shelbyville, three seats were open. Paul Sulser and Gene Boyles were the top two write-ins, and Michael Baker and Jeff Thrasher tied with one vote each.

ADAIR: A levy increase for the Adair County Health Department narrowly passed with 932 of 1,791 (52%) voting yes. Tina Belfield, Kevin Pipes and Amy Crawford were voted to the La Plata R-2 School Board. Brent Motter won 68% of the vote for District 1, Subdistrict 1 Adair County Public Water Board.

MARION: The City of Hannibal’s Propsition R passed with 75 percent approval. The proposition approves a one-dollar-90-cent recycling fee. The battle for three open seats on the Marion County R-2 School Board saw Aaron Zook finish first with 23 percent of the votes and Craig Spratt second with 21 percent of the votes. However, Wesley Tuley and Matthew Wright tied for third with 60 votes. The only other contested race saw Marie Frankenbach win a two-way race for Marion County Ambulance Sub-District 5 Director with 73 percent of the votes.

LINN: In Linn County, Brookfield School District’s Proposition II passed with 70.3 percent saying yes to the 3 million dollar tax levy. For the Browning Alderman race, Tod Sparks and Robert Wood won the seats picking up 44 and 40 percent of the 25 votes respectively. In Meadville’s board of education race, Cody Smith, Mason Kiehl, and Diana Howe were all elected to the board. Smith gathered 26.6 percent of the 432 votes, Kiehl picked up 22.9 percent and Howe collected 21.8 percent. For Cosolidated PWSD No. 1 Director Subdistrict 3, Jeremy Coffman defeated Dennis McQueen by collecting 59.3 percent of the 86 votes. In Laclede, Larry Smith won the mayor race over Lynn Clark with 55.7 percent of the 115 votes, and for Alderman, Ed Evans and Vickie Redick will hold the seats taking 37.9 and 31.5 percent of the 203 votes respectively. Cindy Ludington was third with 25.6 percent. In Marceline, Proposition 1 to impose a local use tax failed to reach a 4/7th majority with 54.6 percent of the 295 voting in favor of the proposition. Gary Carlson claims the council chair with 170 (57.1%) of the 298 votes. He defeats Shawn Cowell and John Carver. In the Marceline board of education race, Lex Cavanah, Tonya Sportsman, and Walter Heller have all been appointed. Cavanah gathered 21.7 percent of the 1,564 votes, Sportsman with 17 percent, and Heller with 15.9 percent. In the Linn County Ambulance District 1 board race Don Kiehl defeated Randy Jacobs with 56.6 percent of the 175 votes.

PUTNAM: In Putnam County, Jason Rouse, Bradley Ream and C.L. Vestal were voted to the school board. Charley Bill Pittman received 272 of 400 votes for Unionville Mayor while Nancy Jones won the North Ward Alderman vote and Jason Hill received 85% of votes for South Ward Alderman. The Unionville questions got mixed results with 58% voting yes on Question 2275 and 55% voted no on Question 2276. Gene Nussbaum got 34 of 44 votes for Lake Special Road District Board Member.

RALLS: Both Ralls County School District ballot items passed. Question 1 received 68 percent approval while Question 2 passed with 51 percent approval. The Ralls County half-cent sales tax also passed with 72 percent voter approval. A six-way race for three open seats on the Ralls County R-2 School Board, Jake Moss came out on top with 26 percent of the vote. Scott Hodges was second with 24 percent, and Ron Evans was third with 17 percent of the vote. The race for Public Water Supply Sub District 3 Director saw Danny Behl victorious with 58 percent of the vote. Dennis McMillen was victorius in the a two-way race for Center Mayor with 55 percent of the votes, while Shawn Couch was victorious with 68 percent of the votes in the Center Ward 1 Aldermen race. The Center sewerage system revenue bonds question passed with 83 percent of the vote.

SCHUYLER: Both Prop 1 and Prop 2 in Schuyler County passed. Prop one received 77 percent approval, while Prop 2 passed with 70 percent of the vote. A crowded seven-way race for three open seats for the Schuyler County R-1 School Board saw Kevin Wheeler finish first with 21 percent of the votes. Andrew Akers was second with with 14 percent of the votes, while Kirk Cohgan edged out Kevn Buckallew by three votes to take the third spot. Wanda Homer took home 67 percent of the vote in a two-way race for a one year term on the school board. A write-in was victorious for Downing Marshall by taking five of the ten votes cast.

SCOTLAND: The Scotland County Road and Bridge Proposition passed with 78 percent of the votes. Ambulance Proposition 1 also passed smoothly with 73 percent approval. In a four-way race for three open seats on the Scotland County School Directors, Jamie Triplett finished first with 32 percent of the votes. Rhonda McBee was second with 29 percent and Jason Small finished third with 22 percent. The race for Memphis Mayor saw Aaron Dale victorious with 58 percent of the votes. Lane Campbell won a three-way race for Memphis Alderman East with 64 percent of the votes. A much tighter race for Memphis Alderman West saw Katie Harris narrowly defeat two rivals by garnering 35 percent of the votes. In a four-way race for three open seats for Rutledge Trustee, Lewis Powell and Barbara Moore tied for first by each gaining 40 percent of the votes. Dale Halderman finished third by receiving 15 percent of the votes.

SULLIVAN: In the Milan School District, voters chose Jody Glidewell, Dennis Weaver, and Crystal Brinkley Bupp for three seats. Five candidates were running. Rebecca Bennett won the Milan West Alderman seat over Sally Jones 44-10. Angela Curtis won a three-way race for the Sullivan County Hospital Board with 56 percent of the vote.