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Winter Wheat Production Revised Higher; Missouri Forecast Unchanged

USDA’s monthly Crop Production update is calling for more winter wheat than June, but it pales in comparison to the sharp drop now projected for spring and durum wheat. The July report issued Monday anticipates 1.36 billion bushels of winter wheat harvested this season, up 16 percent from a year ago. That’s also four percent higher than the June estimate. Yield was revised higher by four-tenths of a bushel, to 53.6 bushels per acre. Missouri’s forecast was unchanged from June, with 35 million bushels projected for harvest this summer from 500,000 acres.

Extreme drought conditions in the Dakotas have resulted in the season’s first estimates for spring wheat coming in over 40 percent below last year’s harvest. USDA expects 345 million bushels to be harvested this fall, with yield sliding to 30.7 bushels per acre. Durum wheat is forecast at 37.2 million bushels, down 46 percent. Yield is expected to drop to just 25.8 bushels per acre.

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