Average temperatures below freezing and limited precipitation allowed wheat planting to jump ahead of last year’s marks. The weekly USDA Crop Progress report indicates that 87% of Missouri’s winter wheat is planted, ahead of last year’s 81% and just behind the five-year average. 68% has emerged, five points better than a year ago but two points behind the average. Conditions have weakened, with 42% in good to excellent condition while 9% is poor or very poor. Corn harvest remains ten points behind a year ago at 85%, while soybean harvest is 83% complete, seven points better than last year. In the Bootheel, cotton harvest is also ten points behind last year at 86%. An average of five-point-two days were suitable for fieldwork.

The chill also weakened pasture conditions with 67% in good to excellent condition against 7% poor, a net decrease of seven points. 14% of Missouri farmers continue to lack adequate hay supply, compared to 5% with a surplus. Only 2% of Missouri farmers lack adequate stock water, compared to 4% with a surplus. 3% of Missouri soils lack adequate moisture, compared to a surplus noted in a tenth of the state’s topsoil and 7% of subsoil.