USDA Projects Another Surge In Missouri Wheat Acres

Missouri farmers have told USDA that they’re continuing to plant more wheat, even after last year’s reported increase proved to be the opposite.  Last week’s Winter Seedings report indicated that Missouri farmers had planted 870,000 acres of winter wheat, which if realized would be a 37-percent increase from last year’s actual total of 630,000 acres.  In last year’s report, USDA had suggested 880,000 acres planted in the state before September’s Small Grains Summary significantly revised the figure lower.

Missouri’s wheat stocks were slightly higher at the start of December.  21.74 million bushels were stored in the state, up six percent from a year ago.  6.2 million bushels were on the farm, more than double the total a year ago.  12.8 million bushels left the state or were used during the fall, a 57-percent jump from a year ago.

The nation’s wheat stocks were down seven percent from a year ago at 1.28 billion bushels.  This was in spite of farmers holding onto more of their wheat, as on-farm stocks spiked 32 percent higher at 362 million bushels.  This season’s wheat seedings are up 11 percent at 37 million acres.  A majority of the acres will again be hard red winter wheat, which is up 10 percent from a year ago at 25.3 million acres.  Soft red winter acres are up 20 percent nationwide at 7.9 million acres, with Illinois also reported as having a significant increase.