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USDA Makes Another Hike To Projected Missouri Wheat Harvest

Missouri farmers are now projected to bring in over 46 percent more wheat this summer than last year’s harvest.  USDA’s monthly Crop Production report Thursday indicated that Missouri is now on track to haul in 33.6 million bushels of wheat.  That’s as a result of another two-bushel per acre increase to this year’s yield, now at 70 bushels per acre.  Acreage was already up 110,000 acres at 480,000.  Last year Missouri’s wheat producers harvested 22.9 million bushels, with yield at 62 bushels per acre.  Nationwide, winter wheat production is now projected at 1.31 billion bushels, up two percent from the May forecast and up 12 percent from a year ago.  That includes 335 million bushels of soft red winter wheat, the variety grown in nearly every wheat field across Missouri.  Yield is up again at 53.2 bushels per acre.

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