USB-Led Climate-Smart Program Aims To Double Cover Crop Acreage by 2030

Commodity groups including the United Soybean Board are hoping to double the number of acres using cover crops in the next seven years.  Farmers For Soil Health has now opened signups, allowing farmers in 20 states to receive financial and technical assistance for adding cover crops to their fields.  USB Director of Sustainable Supply Jack Cornell says the program will accept signups from both first-time and regular users of cover crops.

Cornell says the technical assistance will include guidance on how to document cover crop usage, which could net a premium for cash crops later grown on that field.

United Soybean Board is partnering with the National Corn Growers Association and National Pork Board to launch Farmers For Soil Health, funded in part by a USDA Climate-Smart Partnership grant.  Signups and additional details are available on the Farmers For Soil Health website.