Major farm groups have added up the cost of this year’s typical Thanksgiving Dinner and how much ends up in farmers’ pockets. Farm Bureau’s shopping list of a meal for ten came in more expensive for the first time in three years, but just by one penny. Chief Economist John Newton says the cost is still less than $5/person at $48.91, and included many staples of the Thanksgiving Day meal…

In Missouri, the meal is even cheaper at $46.67, with that 16-pound turkey coming in at $20.96. Newton credits America’s affordable food supply to allow additional menu items on the table.

However, National Farmers Union says farmers aren’t seeing much of that money. Their annual study on the farmers’ share suggests that farmers are receiving just over 12 cents from every dollar spent on Thanksgiving, with the vast majority going to marketing, processing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing. NFU President Roger Johnson says farmers are the most important part of the food chain.

According to NFU, just over one cent of each dollar spent on dinner rolls goes to farmers, compared to 36% for milk and 4% for turkey.