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The Next Farm Bill On The Horizon

The winners of next year’s midterm elections will have a major task ahead of them: crafting the next Farm Bill.  With the current measure set to expire in September 2023, discussions are underway among policymakers, pundits and analysts over what programs need to be pursued, expanded or eliminated.  Former Congressman Collin Peterson of Minnesota, who served three terms as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, recently explained to farm broadcasters that maintaining bipartisanship on the committee will be the biggest challenge.

Peterson warns that the typically bipartisan measure could become the latest victim of the widening political divide, citing setbacks the current Farm Bill and its predecessor faced.

Former House Ag Committee chairman Collin Peterson was defeated in his re-election bid last year.  The Minnesota Democrat has since established a public policy firm, The Peterson Group.

Peterson along with former Senate Ag Committee chairman Pat Roberts participated in a panel at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s annual conference in Kansas City.

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