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Sturm Reflects on 50 Year Officiating Career

Following the end of this year’s high school baseball season, David Sturm’s career umpiring and officiating local high school sporting events officially came to an end. Sturm had spent the past 50 years as an official. He says his interest in umpiring started at a young age after attending a St. Louis Cardinals game.

Sturm’s interest in umpiring and officiating grew from there. However, he suffered from bad eyesight making a career in umpiring unlikely. That all changed with one simple innovation.

What followed was a 50-year career that involved Sturm umpiring baseball and softball, while also reffing football and basketball. Sturm says there were a couple of factors that kept him coming back for so many years.

Outside of officiating, Sturm work as a local certified public accountant.


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