Season’s First Crop Production Figures Released

Missouri farmers are predicted to harvest two million more bushels of soybeans than a year ago, while corn production may end up lower.  That’s according to figures announced last week by USDA in their monthly Crop Production report, which projected Missouri’s soybean harvest for the coming fall at 292.5 million bushels and corn harvest at 530.1 million bushels.  USDA State Statistician Bob Garino explains how USDA comes to their projections each month.

Missouri’s yields are currently unchanged from a year ago at 171 bushels of corn and 50 bushels of soybeans per acre.  Those could shift next month when USDA begins including objective yield data from several fields around the state.

Nationwide, soybean production is projected five percent higher than a year ago at 4.34 billion bushels, despite a slightly lower yield at 50 bushels per acre.  Corn production is projected to increase four percent at 14.8 billion bushels.  Yield is forecast to increase to 174.6 bushels per acre.