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Rise in COVID-19 Cases Concerns Macon County Health Department

Over the past couple of months, Macon County has seen a gradual increase in COVID-19 cases. Macon County Health Department Administrator Mike Chambers says the increase from May to June is pretty noticeable.

Vaccination rates in Macon County haven’t risen quite as sharply. A total of 26.5 percent of county residents have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 29 percent of the population has initiatied their vaccine series. Chambers says they’re starting to see some encouraging signs when it comes to vaccinations in the county.

Out of the last 105 COVID-19 cases reported in Macon County, only two were vaccinated. All three COVID-19 vaccines are available and free in Macon County at the health department, Samaritan Hospital, and some local pharmacies.


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