Right To Repair Supporters Welcome Introduction Of House Resolution

Farm groups are applauding the introduction of a measure in Congress earlier this month that would make Right To Repair the law of the land.  Washington state Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is sponsoring the Ag Right To Repair Act, which would require tractor and equipment manufacturers to allow farmers and independent shops to diagnose and service machinery.  The issue has long been a priority for the National Farmers Union, whose members were in DC for the group’s annual fly-in recently.  Missouri Farmers Union President Dr Tom Coudron…

Coudron says he’s optimistic about the new bill, as it mirrors several provisions approved by state legislators in Colorado this spring.

Missouri Farmers Union President Dr Tom Coudron adds that while he’s hopeful that Right To Repair can be enshrined nationwide, supporters are considering another push to codify the practice at the state level.  Since 2017, lawmakers in Jefferson City have proposed measures supporting Right To Repair.  However, such bills have advanced out of committee twice, only to not receive time on the House floor.