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Representative McGaugh Shares Reason for No Vote on Medicaid Expansion

Missouri Capitol

The Missouri House of Representatives has moved their version of the state budget on to the Senate. Despite voter approval last August for Medicaid expansion, the House chose not to include it in the operating budget. The House Budget Committee voted largely along party lines last week to not support it. Representative Peggy McGaugh of Carrollton explains her decision to vote against the expansion.

Instead of funding Medicaid expansion, House Budget Committee Chairman Cody Smith has filed House Bill 21, which uses the $1.9 billion for Medicaid expansion, to instead support several social service needs. McGaugh says these funds will now go to programs that would otherwise be neglected.

The areas that would be supported by House Bill 21 are wide-ranging.

The funds would also provide support for public school transportation and allow public defender offices to hire additional attorneys. The House Budget Committee is expected to continue discussion on House Bill 21 Tuesday.


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